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All About Franchise

The Broccoli Pizza and Pasta Family is a growing, successful franchise company unlike no other. Conceptualized in Dubai and first opened in 2011, Broccoli had a clear goal to provide clean premium food that was both fresh and delicious.

Following a wildly successful launch and impressive commercial reception, Broccoli was able to enjoy fast-tracked expansion domestically and then internationally.

As of today in 2019, the Broccoli Franchise can proudly say that it has an impressive 125 operational outlets worldwide, and the numbers continue to grow!

Broccoli is an exciting company to be a part of because it offers a dynamic franchise formula for success, based on embracing and nurturing the three key service C’s: Concept, Customers and Care.



The Broccoli core focus is quite simply, great products, exceptional customer service and unparallel employee care. It’s because of this focus and discipline to high standards that Broccoli projects expansion to over 300 restaurants by the end of 2020

Day-to-day operations around the world all place core emphasis on precision preparation, high attention to product and service details and focus on providing consistently high food quality. This features and application are the secret Broccoli recipe, for success.

Premium food and preparation methods should be accessible to customers, both in location and view. Broccoli knows this, so its kitchen concept is strategically positioned with a theatre style layout. This concept provides transparency, increasing customer confidence in food quality and management.

With Broccoli there’s nothing to hide, only greatness to show, and success to share.

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Benefit from 18% - 30% Return on Investment

 Plus Excellent Professional Business Support and Training

Participate in Global Shows!

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta participates in trade shows all of the world, from food festivals to franchise exhibitions to international trade demonstrations!

We are proud to show off our incredible cooking capabilities and keen to invest further in live events that allow dynamic and exciting connectivity with like-minded people.

Our fantastic chefs from Broccoli restaurants worldwide are invited and flown to various international events, all with a view to expand knowledge, share skills and develop expertise even further!

We are most proud of our fresh, live cooking, and that's where we take the opportunity at any live trade events to show, share and demonstrate our brilliant chef talent staff expertise!

Global Trade Shows provide a welcome platform for us to integrate further within the fresh and tasty food industry, connecting and collaborating with the general public, new potential stakeholders and investors alike.
See you at the next International Trade Food Demonstration soon! 

Franchise Locations

Franchise Broccoli Abu Dhabi

Franchisees Training 

This involves two weeks of intensive training, both in the classroom and in the restaurant, where you will be taught all aspects of how to run your own business and operate a highly successful restaurant. We cover everything from accounting, security, hygiene, marketing, customer service and the most important part, how to perfect the food.
Franchise Broccoli Motor City Dubai

Site Survey 

We visit any location you propose to us within 72 hours of receiving full details, including rental amount, location map and surrounding area info. We will make a full assessment of the area based on our criteria, and immediately inform you of our decision.
Franchise Broccoli Sheikh Zayed Road

Marketing Support

Once we have all permissions in place, we will immediately brand your restaurant windows, including an “Opening Soon” (or date). This will help you commence brand awareness in your area immediately. We will also start marketing your branch on all of our social media channels, marketing materials, menus and weekly newsletter.