Investment Planning


The overall costing of a Broccoli Pizza & Pasta restaurant is location and country dependable. We aim for consistency and to utilise your local community. Therefore, where possible, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta's operations team shall strive to source all materials such as the required equipment, contractors and food suppliers local to you. We aim to get you open as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


For specific information related to your country, please contact us and Broccoli's team will happily assist you.


Franchisees should factor the below 6 key factors when creating a Broccoli Pizza & Pasta outlet:

  • The Franchise Fee.
    • Paid in full, prior to franchise agreement/s being issued and finalised.
  • Required Equipment.
    • When possible, all equipment is sourced locally to the franchisee's location/country.
    • Quantity and specifications determine the pricing i.e. Gas or Electric?
  • The Construction / Fit-out.
    • Creating your Broccoli Pizza & Pasta restaurant will require location modifications.
  • Legalities.
    • Trade License and working permits
  • Leasehold fees.
    • Rent - Security Deposits and Rent. We advise all franchisees to budget 6 months of the rent in their cashflow forecast.
  • Operational / Running costs.
    • Food Inventory, Labour/Staff salaries and payments, Gas/Electric and Water and so on.
    • Here we advise franchisees to budget 3 to 4 months' worth of running costs within their cash flow.


Services - Before Opening.


Each franchise is provided with the required support to transform your Broccoli Pizza & Pasta into an operational business, serving the local community and generating revenue. To reach this phase, Broccoli's team provide the following services:

  • Site Selection and analysis.
    • Ensuring your business is in the best possible location to succeed.
  • Restaurant Designs.
    • 3D Designs are created with a full scope of the construction required.
  • Franchisee Training.
    • Broccolis provides all franchisees with an in-depth training pack filled with the need to know information for your business.
  • Equipment Identification.
    • Broccoli's team identify the required equipment in your specific country and negotiate the buying price.
  • Contractors.
    • Broccoli's team shall identify contractors suitable to complete the task in hand.
  • Staff Recruitment & Training.
    • Broccoli's team assist with your staff recruitment and provide experienced personnel to train your staff.
  • Food Suppliers & Menu planning.
    • Broccoli's team shall identify food suppliers local to your location, keeping freshness key!
    • We create a menu specific to the demands of your market whilst still maintaining the core of a Broccoli Pizza & Pasta restaurant.
  • Strategic Planning.
    • Opening hours, required amount of staff, delivery output, and promotions.
  • Effective Marketing.
    • Location-specific marketing material is created for your Restaurant - announcing there's a new Broccoli Pizza & Pasta in town!


Services - After Opening.


Once open, your Broccoli Pizza & Pasta must continue to deliver outstanding food, unmatched service and your business grow from strength to strength. We, therefore, provide several ongoing services which include:


  • A Broccoli Pizza & Pasta representative.
    • Broccoli provides all franchisees with an experienced member/s of our operations team to ensure your opening is as efficient as possible.
  • A Business Development Agent.
    • Each franchise is assigned a BDA. The BDAs are to support you, provide guidance and assistance to ensure your business prospers in every way possible.
  • A franchisee coordinator.
    • Broccoli's support network is 24/7 - 365. If a franchisee requires immediate assistance, we are on hand to provide it all day, everyday.
  • Marketing.
    • Broccoli's Marketing team is on hand to provide you with unique material specific for your outlet.
  • Operations - Field Support.
    • Innovative Ideas, menu adaptations, promotions, and delivery structuring are constantly reassessed to adapt to market changes.
  • Accounts.
    • Broccoli's internal team of accountants provide franchisees with weekly profit and loss reports along with Key Performace Indicators.



For more information, simply contact us direct - We would love to hear from you.