What's the Broccoli Pizza & Pasta Concept and USP?

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta's in-store concept is a customer-focused model. Product, efficiency & affordability.


We offer fresh, cooked to order meals allowing the customer to personalise their meals. The efficiency of our delivery allows meals to be prepared within 6-8 minutes, and our pricing structure is created to be appealing for all our guests.


Broccoli' Pizza & Pasta's franchise model is structured in a manner to allow for: 

  • Simplified manageability.
  • Low-investment options.
  • Healthy potential earnings.


What is the Target Customer Demographic?

Within our menu, we provide a wide spectrum of offerings from children's options, single diner portions of pasta and salads to family-sized Pizza.

We also adapt the menu's product offerings and pricing for each country we enter, ensuring we, as a franchise, adapt to the local market's needs and requirements. We, therefore, aim to open our doors and have offerings available to all ages and cultures.


What is the Franchise Fee?

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta's franchise fee is country dependable. For more information, please select the 'Contact Us' feature, tell us where you are and a member of the Broccoli Pizza & Pasta team shall provide detailed information.


Pricing requirements?

Similar to the franchise fee, the overall cost setup of a Broccoli Pizza & Pasta outlet varies from one country to another and also from location to location. We source the required equipment for your specific location from the country in which the franchisees Broccoli outlet is based. Select the 'Contact Us' feature for more information.

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Does Broccoli Pizza & Pasta offer exclusivity?

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta doesn't grant exclusivity though we do establish franchisees outlet/s in as strong a position as possible and endeavor to provide each franchisee with a healthy service area for optimum returns whilst matching demand. Each franchisee may own and operate multiple outlets.

Does Broccoli Provide Training?

Absolutely. Franchisees having a complete understanding of their business is of enormous importance to us. Due to this, we provide initial and on-going training covering the complete overview of the Broccoli franchise model in both theory and practical aspects of the business.


1.    Pre-Launch Training:

  •   10 to 14 days at a location designated by Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, covering all aspects of the franchise model.
  •   Training commences approximately 6 to 9 weeks before the Broccoli outlets official opening.

2.    On-Site Training:

  •   Experienced trainers from Broccoli's Operations team visit franchisees outlets ensuring staff is supported and knowledgable.
  •   A Broccoli Pizza & Pasta trainer shall be designated to the franchisee's independent outlet for a period of time.

What is the Standard Agreement Term?

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta's franchise agreements' initial term is 5 Years from date of signature, renewable for four additional terms of five years each (providing full compliance with provisions in Agreement). There is no renewal fee.

What Support is Provided by Broccoli Pizza & Pasta?

We are proud to offer extensive resources for your benefit, growth and ongoing development. 

Franchise fee

Support on Offer:

·         Operational Support

·         Site Selection

·         Marketing Support

·         Purchasing

·         Accounting/Audit/Legal

·         Internal Support

·         Ongoing Research and Development

·         Overall Program Oversight