What's the Broccoli Pizza & Pasta Concept?

It’s the fresh and tasty, healthy, Italian restaurant group! 

Customers can watch live cooking right before their eyes, and see the very best pizza, pasta, and salad ingredients mixed, melted and melded to perfection.

Broccoli is the international Franchise making waves. Why? Because it is rapidly expanding and it really cares about customer health and wellbeing.

Every meal is prepared with precision and every customer gets excellent service.

What is the Target Customer Demographic?

It’s the whole world!

More specifically, it is the middle to high-end income patrons from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

That’s the great thing about a delicious menu – it is bound to draw the interest and attention of discerning eaters in any country, culture, city or town. 

What is the Franchise Fee?

Upfront Fee:                    $12,500*

*includes 2 Weeks of Management Training plus Operation Manuals, Site Selection and Evaluation, Marketing, Contractor Procurement and comprehensive support.

How much $ is enough?

To Start:                $160,000 to $ 360,000 ($190,000 is the average)*

*includes Franchise Fee and Training, 2 Months of Operation Expenses & 6 Months Rent.

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Do I get Exclusive Territory?

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta don’t grant exclusive territory.

What are the Advertising Fees?

The Broccoli Pizza & Pasta name is vital and good marketing is mandatory for success, so there are two main Advertising Components:

1.     3% of Weekly Revenue to the Broccoli Communal Marketing pool.Franchise FAQ

This approach assures that continued brand recognition, growth and success are maintained.

2.     In-store Marketing: menu and special offers built to bring customers attract 3% Gross Sales fee weekly.


You can Take Part: have your say on how Money is spent by voting for your preferred candidate at the Marketing Fund Board selection every 2 years in each region.

What Training is provided?

1.     Pre Launch Training:

  •      10 to 14 days at a location designated by Broccoli Management. 
  •      It commences approx. 6 to 9 weeks before the official opening.
  •      Comprised of 2 Phases
    • Please refer to Franchise Brief: ‘The Phases & Fine-Print’  for detailed Phase Information

2.     Site Training:

  •    7 Days to support the start of operations and day-to-day work.
  •    Typically takes place after official opening.  

  •    Experienced Trainers from Broccoli visit.

What is the Standard Agreement Term?

5 Years from date of signature, renewable for four additional terms of five years each (providing full compliance with provisions in Agreement).

Is there Structured Support ?

Absolutely and we are proud to offer extensive resources for your benefit, growth and ongoing development. 

Franchise fee

Support on Offer:

·         Operational Support

·         Site Selection

·         Marketing Support

·         Purchasing

·         Accounting/Audit/Legal

·         Internal Support

·         Ongoing Research and Development

·         Overall Program Oversight