Your Future in Franchise

Quite simply, it’s the most structured, Return on Investment safe, new business venture and entrepreneur support model.

It allows business enthusiasts to explore their desire for career and commercial growth, while reaping extensive benefits, support and trailed and tested business guidance!

What You Do is:
A.         Pay an upfront Fee 

B.         Show up for work!

All About Franchising

That’s It!

What You Get:

  1. The Broccoli Trademark, Brand and existing Client Base
  2. Right to Use Broccoli Services and Products
  3. Unlimited Support for Success
  4. Training and Marketing
  5. At least a 18% - 30% ROI
  6. Set-up Support
  7. Site Tools

 And SO much more!

Franchising is the easier, smarter, safer move for business enthusiasts.

So go on, give it a go!

Make an enquiry today, we’re ready to welcome you to the family!

Who Franchises?

These days practically everyone is!

Your Future in Franchise


People from all over the world love the lifestyle and rewards. Whether from Dubai, Sydney, London or New York, there’s always room for more brand ambassadors in new and undiscovered markets…


Did You Know: The Franchise industry is now growing faster than ever before!?


This is due to further global brand expansions plus the rapid rise of technology influence.


Today, online platforms allow for cheaper, easier service, sales and training delivery. This makes it easier from people in all corners of the world to do business and get operations working.


Make an enquiry today, we’re ready to welcome you to the family!


Why Franchise?

The real question is ‘Why Not!’

There are endless short, mid to long-term benefits when establishing connections with a reputable, successful and fast-growing international restaurant group, like Broccoli.

franchise business

See our sample of benefits below for a snapshot into why signing up, just makes sense!


Summary of Benefits:

  • Sensational Opening and Operations Support
  • Suitable Site Selection (optimising your revenue potential)
  • Purchase Contract Negotiations and Discounts
  • Administration, Accounting, Audit and Legal governance
  • Overall Broccoli Group Support (communications, R & D)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Engagement (local and regional levels)

Learn More!

We know that starting your franchise business is no small undertaking and so that’s why we have made it easier for you.


It’s our job to ensure that you’re well informed and 100% aware of all the nooks and crannies, details, fine-print and features involved. This way, you can make educated assessments that enhance your understanding and ultimately, your decision.

We want you to be successful and more than that, we want you to enjoy the benefits that a Broccoli lifestyle has to offer.


Nothing beats being your own boss and there’s no better way to gain great results, than by recruiting the resources of an already thriving company!

The way that we see it is this, we’re not just fortunate colleagues, we are family. And you know that old saying; ‘The more, the merrier’!


Check out our x 2 most important Franchise Briefs:

  1. ‘Set-up, Step-by-Step’: Detailed Steps for a Successful Set-up!


  1. ‘The Phases & Fine-Print’: Company & Owner Duties & Details.