Your Future with a Franchisee Focused Franchise


Here at Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, we have created a franchise model that allows people from all varieties of working backgrounds to go into business for themselves. Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is created on a foundation of:

- Simplified manageability

- A community orientated brand

- Low investment options

- Great tasting food!


When joining Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, you receive:

  1. The Broccoli Trademark, Brand and existing Client Base
  2. Right to Use Broccoli Services and Products
  3. Unlimited Support for Success
  4. Site Selection
  5. 3D Restaurant Designs
  6. Training and Marketing
  7. Assistance with staff recruitment and training
  8. Strategic planning for maximized ROIs
  9. Set-up Support
  10. Field Support
  11. And much more...

We aim to have our franchisees knowledgeable and fully up to speed with the running of their Broccoli Pizza & Pasta franchise outlet/s. To achieve this, we provide in-depth training in both the theory and practical aspects of your business.


We have a detailed, step by step procedure to ensure your Broccoli Pizza & Pasta franchise outlet is completed as efficiently as possible, avoiding any unnecessary delays.


When joining Broccoli Pizza & Pasta as a franchisee, you are going into business for yourself but not by yourself. We provide each franchisee with both a structured support network and strategical planning for every unit to provide our franchisees with the best possible foundation for success and reducing the potential risk factors of going into a new business venture alone. 


Who Franchises?

We have franchisees who had no prior experience, joined us and now have multiple outlets!


If you are questioning whether or not you could open a Broccoli Pizza & Pasta franchise, simply talk to us. Our team will listen, understand your objectives and offer advice on the most suitable option for you.


Remember, we provide pre and post-opening training, ensuring our franchisees are constantly moving forward with their business and, along with our support network, are in the best possible position for success. A large number of Broccoli's franchisees joined with no hospitality experience, and today own multiple units. This delights us and is certainly the most rewarded aspect of being a franchisor.


Make an inquiry today, we’re ready to provide you with a complete overview of the Broccoli Pizza & Pasta franchise model.


Why Franchise?

There are endless short and mid to long-term benefits when establishing connections with a reputable, successful and fast-growing international restaurant group such as Broccoli Pizza & Pasta. Though, the underlying truth is the simplicity of Broccoli's model and its easy manageability. We forward plan based on the direction and trends of the market, allowing franchisees to benefit from innovative ideas. 


Summary of Benefits:

  • Operational Support
  • Site Selection - location analysis (optimizing your revenue potential)
  • Contractor Negotiations and Discounts
  • Administration, Accounting, Audit and Legal governance
  • Overall Broccoli Group Support (communications, R & D)
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Engagement (local and regional levels)


Learn More!

It’s our job to ensure that you’re well informed and 100% aware of all the details. Providing you with the resources to make educated assessments that enhance your understanding and ultimately, your decision, is our first objective.


Contact us today and a member of our team shall respond to you providing a full insight into Broccoli Pizza & Pasta's franchise model.